download mp3 songs

Many people are interested when they watch a song or sound found in a short video on a social media platform and then download it. There are many ways to convert videos to mp3 and of course there is no charge whatsoever.

Among them is by utilizing applications and the use of online sites. Here are some ways that can be used to convert a short video or music video into audio.

  1. Via Online Video Converter Site

For the first way, you can use a website that can be accessed via a personal computer, laptop or smartphone. Check out the following steps to get the sound from the video.

  • Open the page through the search engine Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or others.
  • Then click ‘Select or Drop File’ to add which video will be converted to mp3 format.
  • Wait until the video upload is complete, depending on the size of the video itself.
  • If the upload process is complete, then select the mp3 audio format.
  • Then click Start to convert, wait a few moments until it’s finished. Finally, please select Download to save the conversion results to the device used.
  1. Via Y2mate Site

Found a music video whose song tickles your heart and want to download it in mp3 format so you can listen to it over and over again offline? The right choice if you use the y2mate site to make the mp3 format. Users can follow the instructions below.

  • Go to a search engine on your smartphone or personal computer and type (MP3 Juice)
  • Previously prepare a video link from YouTube to be downloaded in mp3 format. Paste the link in the column provided on the y2mate page.
  • Click Start, then wait a moment until the conversion process is complete. If the process is complete, select mp3 and download, the downloaded file will go to the computer or cellphone that is used.
  1. Via the Covert Cloud Site

In addition, you can also use how to convert videos to mp3 via the website. Where this site can be opened via a computer or mobile phone. Follow the steps to convert video into audio easily below.

  • Prepare the video link to be converted, then open the page.
  • Select Select File and please enter which video you want to convert.
  • Next select the mp3 audio format in the ‘Convert to’ menu and click Convert.
  • Please wait until the converting process is complete and click Download.
  1. Via the Convertio Site

There is still another easy and free way if you want to convert mp4 or other formats in the form of video into mp3 audio. Namely, by using the site, follow the steps below.

  • First of all, open the page on the default browser on your computer or smartphone.
  • Then click Choose File and choose which video to convert, the maximum limit for video files is 100 MB.
  • The process of uploading this video will take some time. When it’s finished, immediately select the mp3 audio and download.