А. В. Бондарева, A. V. Bondareva, І. А. Комаревцева, I. A. Komarevtseva


Among the currently common environmental factors which are able to show a negative impact on humans and animals, are alien chemicals which called "xenobiotics". Most xenobiotics when getting the body do not have a direct biological effect, as exposed disposal. Among unexplored xenobiotics we can meet polyhydric alcohols olygoesters technical name "Laproly." They are characterized by large volumes of chemicals, widely used in industry. They come to water sources and affect human health. The research task was to determine the activity of UDP-glucuronyltransferase in rats' liver content glucuronic acid and total glucuronides. Also assess the impact OEF-LP marks 502 and 503 at doses of 1/10 and 1/100 LD50 to glucuronic way of conjugation. The study uses examples OEF- LP 502 marks (polyoksypropilenglikol) and 503 (polyoksypropilentryol) with regulated physicochemical characteristics. Experiments conducted on mature rats of Wistar weighting 180­220 g. The animals received water solutions of OEF once daily for 45 days at doses of 1/10 and 1/100 LD50. The animals in the control group receive the appropriate amounts of drinking water. Studies conducted in the dynamics of observation: 15, 30, 45th day after the start of the experiment. The results indicate activation of glucuronic conjugation in the liver of rats during the first 15 days of oral investigated OEF in doses 1/10 LD50 followed his inhibition. Activation of glucuronic conjugation occurs when rats received the substances in 1/100 LD50 dose for 30 days. It is proved that in various forms of liver failure it is possible to decrease the synthesis of glucuronic acid. This in turn causes metabolic imbalance and strengthen the development of the pathological process. Previous studies have established the formation of ketones and alcohols as biotransformation products studied oligoesters, who also have the ability to react conjugation with glucuronic acid. These products revealed the presence in urine of experimental animals on the 60th day oral oligoesters demonstrates the impossibility of their disposal in rats' liver as a result of the likely path of inhibition of glucuronic conjugation.


  1. In the event of the introduction of substances in rats LD50 dose 1/100 activated glucuronic conjugation occurs within 30 days (most pronounced during the first 15 days), followed by its decline.
  2. Glucuronic conjugation activation observed during 30 days in the case of the introduction of substances in rats in dose LD50 1/100.
  3. Disruption of conjugation is one of the pathogenic mechanisms of OEF-LP. This should be considered when developing a means of correction.

Key words: xenobiotics, glucuronic conjugation pathway, oligoesters, polyols, UDP- glucuronyltransferase, glucuronides.


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