В. М. Ткаченко, V. N. Tkachenko, Т. Є. Комісова, T. Ye. Komisova


It is shown that parents long-term tobacco intoxication caused some morphological changes in the adrenal glands of their descendants that got mechanical wound. The most significant changes in the morphology of the adrenal glands found in the offsprings whose parents who were subjected to inhalation of tobacco smoke by "heavy" cigarettes "Vatra" without filter. They are characterized by a decrease in the number of spongiocytes through their cytolysis, increasing the area of nuclei, reduction of vacuolization of the cytoplasm. These changes are the display of compensatory-adaptive responses of the offsprings with mechanical wound, which may indicate a degree of stress of the body. Changes in the width of the beam zone of this series of experiment were not found. Increasing the width of retinal zone may indicate the inclusion of hormones in this area (primarily dihydroepiandrosterone) in the implementation of the general adaptation syndrome. Revealed changes in morphofunctional structure of adrenal glands accompanied by distortion of mechanical wound healing in experimental groups of descendants. So the descendants of VB24 group had bleeding wounds, and VMB24 group had the hardly healing wounds with necrotic masses. Histological examination of the wounds of animals VMB48 group indicates the presence of large areas of purulent infiltration. Distortion of wound healing on the background of morphological changes in the adrenal glands probably is associated with decrease in local immunity.

Key words: local immunity, mechanical wound, passive smoking, adrenal glands, spongiocytes.


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