Ю. В. Гаврилюк, Yu. V. Gavrilyuk


Conducted long-term studies weeds component and its seeds in various types of kulturfitotsenozes adjacent fields, with the aim of identifying biological indicators and the degree of adaptation of the weed seeds to conditions, different type of plant groupings. Established potential reserves of seeds in soil vegetable such cultural groups as agritourism, silvites, orbitalsciences, meadows, pastures. Conducted studies to determine the period of germination and seed dormancy the most common types. Also determined the effects of temperature regime on seed germination and germination depending on the depth in the soil. The article defines the type of plant groupings, which is the largest reservation and bank seed dispersal weed component of unregulated kulturfitotsenozes on the field.

Key words: seeds, weeds, kulturfitotsenozes, soil, young growth.


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