Л. М. Чуб, L. M. Chub, Ш. Б. Ібрагімова, Sh. B. Ibragimova, Н. Ф. Тимчук, N. F. Tymchuk, Г. С. Потапенко, G. S. Potapenko, С. М. Тимчук, S. M. Tymchuk, І. А. Ніколенко, I. A. Nikolenko, Д. С. Тимчук, D. S. Tymchuk


It have been determined the non - allelic interactions between the maize mutant genes of endosperm structure o2, sh2, suj, su2 and wx on the kernel phenotypes. These interactions in all cases were carried out as the type of recessive epistasis. Mutant gene sh2 was epistatic to the mutant genes suj, su2, o2 and wx, mutant gene su/- to the mutant genes su2, o2 and wx, mutant gene su2- to the mutant genes o2 та wx and mutant gene wx - to the mutant gene o2. Such type of non - allelic interactions between different genes of endosperm structure was exhibited in the result of hybridization of any endospermic mutants, independently from their origin. The method for obtaining the carriers of the maize endosperm structure mutant genes’ combinations for the use in practical corn breeding was developed and the representative collection of inbreds based on these combinations was created.

Key words: maize, endospermic mutants, non-allelic interactions, kernel phenotype.


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