Т. М. Попова, T. M. Popova, О. Г. Мельник, O. G. Melnyk, А. І. Рябоконь


Hygienic assessment of the working conditions of the main departments in tobacco industry is given in the article. The process of tobacco production is divided into two important steps: the preparation of tobacco and the production of cigarettes. The first process occurs in the tobacco department and the second step is in the cigarette department. In the tobacco department workers are influenced by the increased concentration of tobacco dust that equals 6,5 mg/m (maximum permissible concentration (MPC) 3,0 mg/m3) and the level of noise is 2-3 dBA higher than maximum permissible level of 80 dBA as well as poor microclimate factors. In the cigarette department workers are influenced by the increased level of industrial noise that equals 82-83 dBA, but the concentration of tobacco dust is no higher than MPC. The analysis of the working environment showed the presence of the main occupational risk factors such as tobacco dust, industrial noise and prolonged stative stress of workers.

Key words: occupational risk factors, tobacco dust, industrial noise.


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