І. Ф. Прокопенко, О. В. Мельникова


In the modern conditions of the knowledge economy development, developed  countries pay more and more attention to the research of the role of higher education  as a factor of the country's economic growth. For the Ukrainian economy, which has  high enough quantitative indicators of the state of higher education, it is important to  increase its quality component. The aim of the study is to analyze the current state of  higher education as a branch of the economy and to determine the prospects for its  further effective development. The economic aspect of the current state of higher  education in Ukraine is studiedin the article on the basis of statistical analysis and  theoretical generalization. The problems of the disproportion in the functioning of  higher education are defined, the shortcomings of financing of the national higher  education are examined, the discrepancy between employers' requests and the  competence of graduates is revealed, the scientific potential of the higher school is analyzed and the peculiarities of export of educational services by national universities are revealed. Directions for the development of higher education for the economic growth of Ukraine are proposed, each of which requires further research.

Key words: higher education, economic development, higher education institutions, educational services, higher education outgoings, financing, export of educational services.


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