Ю. О. Гайдученко, І. А. Рядинська


The mechanism of social partnership system as the model of social duties and responsibilities’ mutual agreement is researched in the given article. The notion of social partnership is presented as well as its basic forms are characterized as following: bipartism and tripartism. It is defined that efficient social partnership is the major element of the labor market and social policy. The current necessary conditions and elements of social partnership system formation inUkrainehave been analyzed. The essence of social partnership mechanism that unites the government’s, entrepreneurs’ and employees’ interests has been revealed in the article. It is indicated that the social partnership system inUkraineis not completely formed. The causes of the ineffective social partnership system have been explained. It is noted that a primer on the way to a civic social partnership inUkraineare corruption, re-marketing of corporate interests and services as well as an enterprise and governmental structures merger. The recommendations to use European experience as the basis for social partnership system formation are presented. Moreover, the successful examples social partnership inUkraineare given in the article.

Key words: social partnership, social policy, social responsibility, employee, employer, trade union, collaboration, social guaranties.


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