Н. Н. Губанова, С. О. Климова


The process of globalization plays an important role and affects all aspects of  society in the modern world. It should be noted that globalization has both  advantages and disadvantages. The study has analyzed the mixed impact of  globalization to the world economy, economic security and the distribution of  between emerging benefits and threats.  Negative effects caused by globalization generate a number of problems such  as uneven global economic and social development, deepening the gap between  commodity and financial markets, ethnic and religious intolerance, creation of a  global network of business crime, international terrorism, loss of national identity,  destruction of normal life, values,  standardization of national cultures,  transnationalization of environmental, economic and technological issues and global nuclear catastrophe. Thus there is a necessityof research of the real perspective of alter-globalization impact to the further development of globalization.

Key words:globalization, alter-globalization, transnationalization, neoliberalism


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