В. В. Соляр, Ю. А. Ломейко


The article deals with the problem of identification of the interaction between fiscal bodies and enterprises improvement inUkraine. The priority government tasks that have to be solved during intensive interaction between state bodies and business representatives are described. The  appropriateness of tax, customs and administrative reforms realization in fiscal environment that could influence on uncertainty for decision-makers of business activity is researched based on the analysis of tax and customs indexes of European Business Association. It is determined that current general fiscal load and budget fiscal load are rather essential for activity of Ukrainian entrepreneurship representatives. It is proved that unification of fiscal bodies’ efforts and subjects of economic activity efforts first of all has to be directed on tax, customs, monetary legislation lacks and lacks of legislation that regulate administration of single social payment minimization. Common efforts of state bodies, in particular State FiscalService of Ukraine, and taxes payers have to become a powerful tool of decrease ofcorruption constituent in the legislative process and have to make representatives ofparliament consider all the public interests.

Key words:State Fiscal Service of Ukraine,subjects of economic activity, tax load, tax index of European Business Association, customs index European Business Association, tax culture,tax incomes of consolidated budget of Ukraine.


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