Н. А. Кобилко, N. А. Коbylko, Н. І. Кириленко, N. І. Kyrylenko


The article studies the spatial nominations in chimeric prose that have symbolic value. Symbolism and abstraction were the characteristic features of folk vocabulary. Tokens, taken from the Ukrainian folk tradition, completely lose their nominative value and gain a new semantic nuances within a system that is directly associated with the picture of the world. In the Ukrainian cultural tradition, the mythologeme of the «road» is characterized by a multiplicity of meanings. The chimeric prose with all its expressive potential capabilities greatly expanded the potential of the road as a symbol and filled that image with new meanings. The aim of the article is to study polisymbolic eidos of the road in the dilogy of Vasil Zemliak’s «The Swan Flock» and «The Green Mills», singling out its features in the artist’s prose. In the novels of Vasil Zemliak the road symbolizes the evolution of the characters, the way of peasants’ consciousness progress and life choices of each person. Archetypal image of the road is inextricably linked with such   spiritual attributes of Babylon inhabitants as the magical swing, Abbisinsky hills, mills, goat Fabian. The peculiarity of chimeric prose is the interlacing of different styles, including irony, grotesque, pathetic, and the immensity of the scene time. To achieve these artistic techniques writers use polysymbolic image of the road.

Keywords: chimeric prose writing, symbolic image, the eidos of the   road, polysymbolic meaning, spatial nominations.

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