К. В. Нестеренко, K. V. Nesterenko


The article presents the analysis of the basic facts of the biography and  work by V.G. Korolenko, from the point of reflection in them the issues of law, legality and justice. Thanks to the direct and active participation in the affairs   of the resonance cases of his time the writer Korolenko acquired his fame as      a tireless fighter for justice, fairness and human rights. The article focuses on Korolenko’s activities as a publicist and publisher, noting the facts that the writer himself had to face directly the judicial and penal system of Russia at that time as the accused, convicted and exiled person. Many of the facts from Korolenko’s biography and activities as a human rights activist which are analyzed in the article, were narrated by the writer in his autobiographical “The History of My Contemporary”. The article marks out the peculiarities of Korolenko’s writing style when   he depicts the facts of the resonance cases he actively participated in, which is characterized by endeavor at depiction with maximum objectivity, conclusiveness and consistency, minimum usage of the emotive and figurative devices.

Key words: biography, creative works, publicism, law, justice, autobiographical work.

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