Е. И. Петухова, O. I. Petukhova


One of the stories by modern Ukrainian Russian-speaking writer Lada Lusina “Nikola Mokryi” (2011) is examined in the article. This story is a part of the cycle “Kyiv Witches” and until now it hasn’t become the object of special study. The aim of the work is the researching of its intermedial space, namely the author’s usage of the means of music, theatre and painting (iconography). The examining of main peculiarities of using the means of nonverbal image in  a fiction text became the task of this work. The story studying allows extending an idea about the ways of postmodernism development in the Russian language Literature in modern Ukraine as well as about the transformation of Kyiv theme/ image in it. As a result of the research it was found that in the story by Lada Lusina the intermedial aspect had been realized that, first of all, was taken place on a verbal level by describing theatrical performances, icons and introduction folk songs (carols, mermaid songs) into the narration. Nonverbal level is based on that fact that the reader must be well acknowledged with the works of art which were mentioned in the story and designed mainly for the prepared audience. In “Nikola Mokryi” this level is expressed less clearly than in the previous parts of the cycle.

Keywords: intermediality, fantasy, iconography, conflict, genre.

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