Л. В. Ушкалов, L. V. Ushkalov


The paper is devoted to the studying of the conception of the development of the Ukrainian novel discourse of the second half of the XIX century. The object of the studying is T. Matvieiev’s book «The Ukrainian novel of the second half of the XIX century: the Model of the world and the transformation of genre». The model was considered  as  three-dimensional  formation  (the  top  –  the middle space – the bottom), the organization and functioning of which is conditioned by the specific character of sound in diachrony and synchrony of its components: person, time, space. The central element of the model is a person – in the interpretation of the book’s author – mostly represented as disoriented    in the social processes, therefore not integral internally. As a matter of fact, there is a tendency of representation of a person in the world through binary opposition of estrangement (from oneself, family, fatherland, nation, ideas, surrounding, history, faith, etc.)/returning (singular examples) as a constituent of wide opposition outsider/insider. Substantial illustrative material shows that time, space – the base elements of the world model – have transformed from  the absolute category into the internal designate becoming a representation of psychological shifts of “me”. The analysis of the literature discourse allows making the conclusion about the characteristics of cross-genre interaction. The novel itself synthesizes on the one hand emotional dimensions, panoramic view in coverage of facts, description of a person, and, on the other hand, novel’s concentration, psychological acuteness, minimization of author’s presence. New aspect is the studying of the specificity of genre formation dealing with the novel; those are “reduced” novel and a transitive form between the novella and the novel. We are sure that the given perspective of the analyses of novel discourse as an integral world model is perspective from the point of view of possibility to update the view of Ukrainian specificity of genre’s development and coming to a new level of description of literary-cultural interaction of all the constituents of the genre in diachrony and synchrony of its development.

Key words: Ukrainian novel discourse of the second half of the XIX century, genre, world model, person, time, space.


Матвєєва Т.С. Український роман другої половини XIX століття: мо- дель світу, жанрові трансформації: Монографія / Тетяна Матвєєва. – Харків: Вид-во ХНУ імені В.Н. Каразіна, 2016. – 420 с.


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