Б. І. Без’язичний, B. I. Bezyazychny


The article analyzes the ideas of moral education of the individual in the heritage of Ukrainian thinkers of the period of Kievan Rus till to the twentieth century. From the tenth century, in Kievan Rus the Christian ideology that had the decisive impact on the development of the philosophical thought had been extended and approved. Spiritual and moral education was the leading direction of Ukrainian philosophical and pedagogical ideas. The significant role in the development of humanistic ideas in Ukraine in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries was played by fraternal schools that defended the Orthodox faith, Ukrainian traditions and culture, the language, civil rights. These traditions, supported by F. Prokopovich, who sought to dismiss the ethical view from the medieval scholastic dogmatism, continued to develop in the works of G. Skovoroda, M. Gogol, T. Shevchenko and other thinkers. The central place in their scientific and literary treatises was taken by the human’s problem, whose life was considered as the highest value. The ideas of the human’s earthly destination, the purpose of its earthly existence, education of a spiritually rich, morally perfect personality and the achievement of the happiness have been spread.

Keywords: ethics, education, ethics, morality, humanity, spirituality.


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