Т. О. Довженко, T. O. Dovzhenko


The article presents the results of the historical-pedagogical analysis of the origins of the organization of parents’ pedagogical education on Ukrainian lands in ancient times and times of Kievan Rus. It is stated that family education of children was carried out in the context of life and family needs. Folk pedagogy appeared on this ground. Its leading educational means were parents’ behavior and actions, the native (maternal) language, work, folklore, family and consumer culture, folk customs and traditions, arts, crafts and trades, beliefs, festivals, rituals, symbols, children’s games and toys. The article states that firstly there were mainly following forms of parents’ pedagogical education: common work of older family members, youth and children (learning communication norms and traditions of social relations); instructions, lectures (the transmission of knowledge of history, culture, family traditions); magical ritual actions (making future parents feel the special emotional state, the holiness). The article does not cover all aspects of the issue. The questions of the enlargement of contental-methodical facilities of the system of teacher’s training for the organization of parents’ pedagogical education require the further scientific analysis.

Keywords: pedagogical education, teacher, parents, lecturers, Vseobuch (universal education), parent meetings, consultations, knowledge.



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