Х. О. Онасько, Kh. O. Onasko


The article reveals theoretical questions and the experience of the organization of such forms of current control of native higher educational institutions students’ educational-cognitive activity of the 60–70-ies of the XXth century as colloquiums and consultations. The essence of the colloquium is defined. it is to discover students’ knowledge and the level of their practical skills’ formedness. Determined by the scientists of the studied period, the importance of this form of the organization of students’ education for the ensuring of education’s quality is emphasized. The material on the features of conducting consultations is presented. Consultations’ classifications of the noted period are shown: individual, group, frontal; introductory, current, final; instructive, methodological, control; verbal, written, stand consultations; consultation-advice, consultation-explanation, consultation-discussion, combined consultation.) Attention is paid to the fact that consultations were divided into passive and active. Passive consultations were attended by students who wanted, but active ones were mandatory. Teachers invited students to have a talk. It is noted that consultations were the most efficient form of the organization of in-service education students’ internal lessons.

Keywords: colloquium, consultation, current control, form of organization, educational-cognitive activity, advice, explanation, interview.



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