А. В. Спірідонова, A. V. Spiridonova


The article focuses on the teacher’s personal qualities, which are clearly shown in the works of a great Ukrainian pedagogue, a writer, the creator of the "Dictionary of the Ukrainian language" Boris Grinchenko. The contribution of B. Grinchenko to the structure of the national education of that time is emphasized, that is an example and a basis for the education of the conscious Ukrainian, the patriot of his country, the man, who loves his native Ukrainian language, his land. The article considers the features of the teacher’s personal qualities. Attention is paid to such works of Boris Grinchenko as «What is the Public School in Ukraine», «Ukrainian Teachers and Ukrainian School», «On the Hopeless Way», where we see the teacher of the end of the XVIIIth century. The creative heritage of the teacher and the humanist attracts the attention of scientists, practicing teachers more and more. In his scientific, pedagogical, journalistic and artistic works he considered all the most important aspects of scientific pedagogy. They are the aim and tasks, principles and the content, forms and methods of education, the interaction of the school and the social environment. The scientific, theoretical and creative heritage of B. Grinchenko is being organically included in the cultural and spiritual life of new Ukraine, becomes an important part of the scientific and pedagogical search of scientists and practicing teachers.

Keywords: national school, teacher’s personality, Boris Grinchenko.



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