Ж. В. Давидова, Zh. V. Davydova


The article considers the value component of speech culture. It is stated that while forming the speech culture of students, it is essential to take into account its value component. The basic approaches to forming value orientations in different fields of knowledge are observed: in philosophy, culture studies, psychology and pedagogy. Formation of speech culture of university students should be based on such higher values as Truth, Beauty and Goodness. The essence of these notions is revealed. Correlation between processes of cognition and evaluation while formation of personal values system formation is studied. Assessing reflection is the base for a person’s becoming as the unique personality with the individual axiosphere. On the base of the analysis it is proved that the educational process on formation of speech culture of schoolchildren and student youth should be constructed as an activity in which spiritual value-orientations are educated. A system of value orientations makes the content background for a person’s behavior motivation and expresses the inner basis of his/her speech culture.

Key words: speech culture, university students, values, value orientations, educational process, learning activity.


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