В. М. Ребенок, V. Rebenok


The article reveals basic theoretical aspects of innovative technologies in the training of future teachers. Determine the readiness of future teachers for further professional development in the use of innovative technologies in educational process of high school and refined means of diagnosis and pedagogical approaches to performance analysis, which will help to evaluate the technology on the part of its effectiveness and feasibility. Result: it was proved that innovative technologies can be different for various reasons: the source, the goals and objectives, opportunities for teaching tools, the functions that the teacher performs by using innovative technology. The author reveals the ways to personalize the output process algorithm, individualization of his own style of teaching and teacher`s professional ability to perform teaching functions, tasks, skills at the level, defined with educational qualification characteristics of a teacher's specialty. It was found that scientific knowledge in professional activity of future teachers is partly manifested in specific professional and educational activities in the use of innovative technologies in educational process of higher educational establishments.

Key words: innovative technology, training, analysis, activities, results.


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