І. С. Семененко, I. E. Semenenko


Question of forming professional competence of students in conditions of realization individual and cognitive routes in learning are considered in the article. As apriority tasks put forward the implementation of the principles of personcentered approach, which provides reorientation of relations between teacher and students on subject-subjective relationship, which in turn creates the conditions to improve efficiency of educational processes in the formation of professional competence of students. Independent cognitive activity has certain characteristics and is aimed at realization by students of their personal goals in professional field of communication is emphasized. A significant factor in this becomes the individualization of student learning. One way of individualization of learning is organization of promoting students on individual and cognitive routes, which contributes to the formation of their professional competence by the fact that student is able to see the meaning and significance of investigated subjects in the context of future professional activity is alleged. The principles and stages of organization of designing individual and cognitive routes of studying discipline are considered. An attention is paid to the importance of a consistent passing phases: targeted, motivational, design, technological, productive.

Key words: professional competence, personal oriented approach, professional training, individualization of learning, individual cognitive route.


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