М. М. Білянська (Скиба), M. M. Bilyanska (Skiba), О. О. Пінський, O. O. Pinskiy


The problem of forming motives eco-educational senior students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences are exposed in the article. A questionnaire is determined by the optimal methods of research; the observing of the behavior and the type of communication during the lessons, in the public useful types of activities; individual interviews; self-assessment. The leading motives of readiness of the future teachers of biology to ecological and educational activities are determined in the research; the characteristic of quantitative indexes of estimation is given and on their basis the levels of formation of motivational component of professional preparation of natural students-scientists are distinguished. Based on the experimental data, we determined the dynamics of the formation of interest in ecological and educational activity of students of natural faculty of Kharkiv National Pedagogical University named by G.S. Skovoroda. The dominant motif on the ascertaining stage of the experiment determined mercantile, prestige and educational, to complete the formative stages - cognitive, selfrealization, world outlook.

Key words: motivation, the levels of formation, ecological and educational activities, future teacher.


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