О. Г. Видра, А. G. Vydra


The article investigates the relationship between psychological characteristics of students’ awareness of the causes and patterns of their behavior, as well as their level of achievement in their studies. The results were analyzed from the point of view of dynamics, gender differences, and specialty differences of the students. Based on the results, the following contradiction was found: on the one hand, students say their choice, behavior reasons and training results to depend on external factors. On the other hand, diagnostics results show that students mainly rely on personal qualities and believing. The article represents further monitoring and students’ questionnaire results which fixed negative influence in studying and in the future professional activity caused by the mentioned contradiction. The author describes possible recommendations and solutions which presuppose giving help to students in understanding of reasons of their behavior, choices, training results; assistance in forming and development of the skill to work out the aim, developing manager skills as well as the skills for studying process planning and responsibility for their life.

Key words: awareness, behavior, personality, responsibility, causal attribution, students'.


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