Л. В. Гармаш, L. V. Garmash


The article examines Andrey Bely’s novel “Moscow” from the point of view of the development and functioning of thanatological motifs associated with the images of the main characters of the final works of the writer – scientist-mathematician Ivan Ivanovich Korobkin and his antagonist Eduard
von Mandro. Thanatological component of the names of the heroes is considered. The change of the ideological position of the main character from his attempts through scientific practice to isolate himself from the “vagueness of life” to his blindness and metaphysical death is disclosed. His staying
in the “other world”, the symbolic substitution of which is the mental hospital and his final Epiphany, due to which he comes to the thought of having to destroy his discovery, because of using it by ignorant people can lead to disaster on a global scale is analyzed. The problem of responsibility of the scientist
for his discovery posed in Bely’s novel is considered in the context of Russian and foreign literature. The author of the article believes, that mythopoetic code used in the product to explain and express the depth of Korobkin’s feelings. To achieve this purpose the author refers to the last part of the gospel myth, which tells of the passion of Christ. For Korobkin destroying the work of his whole life is equivalent to ascent to Calvary but like his prototype he deliberately takes a painful decision “to save” humanity from the invented death ray. The points of intersection of the plot of insight and the history of blinding-Epiphany of king Oedipus, which formed the basis of the tragedy of Sophocles are
specified. A number of prototypes of the main character is ending with an image of Superman of Nietzsche’s philosophy.
Keywords: thanatological motif, scientific discovery, mythopoetic code, metaphysical death.

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