И. В. Грачева, I. V. Hrachova


Yuliy Kim is not only a master of satirical political songs, but also he is the author of love, philosophical and pastoral poetry, where the poet speaks as a wise philosopher, an artist. In these poems he poet expresses his feelings, he talks about his subtle senses, about love, about his experiences, reflecting on the eternal themes. The aim of this article is to review and analyze the most vivid examples of lyrical works by the poet. The appeal to folk images, skillful use of the national language and the Russian literary language are characteristic features of the lyrical songs by Yuliy Kim. The language of the poet combines both high and conversational phrases. In these serious and touching works
there is always a place for jokes, mockery, self-irony. Human relationships are always in the centre of Kim’s attention that was reflected in his work. The author likes personality with high moral values, condemns people’s violence, dishonesty, impatience, commercialism, greed, spiritual blindness.
Key words: love poems, pastoral poetry, philosophical lyrics, vernacular, an oxymoron, a theme, а motive.

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Ким Ю. Антология сатиры и юмора России ХХ века. Том 38 / Ю. Ким. – М.: Эксмо, 2005. – 432 с.

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