И. А. Быкова, I. Bykova, Чен Хун, Chen Khun


The sea was not only a detail of the biography of the well-known Russian writer of the 1830s and 1840sABestuzhev-Marlinskybut also one of the themes of his workThe works of B. Meilakh, Т. Nikolskaya, V. Sakharov focus on the genre diversity of the writer's creativity, the comprehension of the romantic historical facts of his and the analysis of the personages' characters. However, the linguostylistic features of A. Bestuzhev-Marlinsky’s marinistics, including his novel "The Frigate "Hope", in our opinion, has not yet been the subject of a special study, that explains the relevance of this study. The purpose of the article is to analyze the expressive means of creating the image of the sea in the novel "The Frigate "Hope" of A. Bestuzhev-Marlinsky. The article draws attention to lyrical digressions, in which the author confesses his love for the sea, to the interaction of the dominant values of various properties of the sea; to oxymorons and comparisons, emphasizing the constantly changing nature of the sea element; to epithets and metaphors, which enhance the perception of an unbridled sea storm. Colorants are analyzed, which convey the finest transitions in the description of the sea from blue to the happy period of carefree loving heroes to the color spectrum predicting a storm. The use of marine terminology, on the one hand, recreates the life of the sailor and the ship structure, and on the other hand participates in creating the effect of irony in describing the upper world. These and other means of artistic expression used to create the image of the sea bring a certain mood in the narrative and help to understand the deep psychological experiences of the main characters of the novel.

Keywords: the image of the sea, expressive means, lyrical digression, comparison, oxymoron, epithet, comparison, coloratives, terminology.

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