Bagritskyj’s Lyrics in the Context of the Poet’s Life Creative Project: Main Conclusions of the Study

А. Г. Шевченко


The article summarizes results of study of E. Bagritsky’s lyrics in the context of the poet’s life creative project. Entering literature at the end of Silver Age, E. Bagritsky belonged to the generation of postsymbolists who mastered poetic experience of previous literary trends, specifi cally interpreted it in their creative work and expressed in the way of life structured according to the laws of new art. E. Bagritsky’s lyrics and his life creative project of «tramp» and «fowler», opposed to life creativeness of artists of the fi rst decades of the twentieth century, corresponded with aesthetics of the era, in which not only former artistic search, but also political, social and realist fi ction standards were reviewed, energy of destruction and pathos of creation were combined. Nourished in the atmosphere of pre- and post-revolutionary years, E. Bagritsky took an active part in creation of «new» world and making of «new» man that found refl ection in his creative work, connected with traditions of Acmeism and Futurism. In addition to that, way of social reconstruction, witness of which the poet became in the 1930s, greatly infl uenced themes of his works, made some changes in his behavioral strategy, refl ected crisis of his worldview.

Key words: life creative project, behavioral strategy, lyrical hero, poet’s image, sociocultural situation.


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