Oleksa Myshanych - medievalist: an attempt of the general characteristic

К. Р. Вакуленко


The article focuses on the research of Oleksa Myshanych’s-medievalist scientifi c achievements, mainly his academical works devoted to the issue of the ancient Ukrainian literature. The basic directions of his researches in the fi eld of ancient Ukranian literature, the genre features of his works, the scientifi c methodologies and analytical tools the researcher used in the medieval explorations have been outlined. The article indicates the place and role of the scientist in the history of Ukrainian medieval literature studies of the second half of the XX – the beginning of the XXI century, inspects the scientist’s works observed Hryhorii Skovoroda’s poetries and a literary process of Transcarpathia region in the XVI–XVIII centuries. His reception of the ancient Kyiv literature («The Tale of Igor’s Campaign») has been analyzed. This research gave a clear understanding of the stages of the outstanding scientist medievalist creative evolution, epistemological bases of his scientific  work. Moreover, it pointed out the ways of developing Ukrainian literary criticism of the second half of the XX the beginning of the XXI century. This study has shown that Oleksa Myshanych made a signifi cant contribution to the study of the ancient Ukrainian literature. His scientifi c achievement is the golden fund of Ukrainian literary criticism. His pioneering research and organizational activities made a solid foundation of the academic history of Ukrainian literature in twelve volumes.

Keywords: authenticity, bibliography, ancient Ukrainian literature, medieval studies, translation.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.843859


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