Myth and oneirism in the literature of romanticism

В. В. Баняс, Н. Ю. Баняс


During the existence of romanticism, an attempt was made to thoroughly reassess the entire mythological «archive» of mankind, as a result of which there was a valuable evidence of the structure of thinking so-called «primitive consciousness»; Biblical, ancient Greek, along with ancient Roman, ancient Egyptian, pagan, as well as Scandinavian «stories about the gods» returned to the sphere of interest in new art. However, on the other hand, romanticism intensified the process of isolating the European consciousness from the principles of religious and mythological thinking, which provoked the desacralization of the surrounding reality and the «loss of human freedom», as a result of its subjugation to the secular time. Also, in the space of the ideological and aesthetic system of romanticism, two basic varieties of the artistic use of onyx components were distinguished: fi rst, the use of them as important components of the plot structure of the work, when dreams (vision, delirium) serve as the basis or the aesthetic effect; and secondly, the position according to which the artist sees in the dreams a psychological «document».

Key words: romanticism, myth, oneirism, culture, art, archetype.


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