Allegorical components of Solzhenitsyn’s works

Н. Н. Ступницкая


The article is devoted to identifi cation of the allegorical components in the work of A.I. Solzhenitsyn. The complex nature of allegory including the irony, Aesop language, allegory, symbol, and personification is revealed. The article expresses the idea that feelings and notions that have no visible forms, become tangible thanks to the allegories, and being embodied in an image they help to express an abstract concept most accurately. Allegory is used for various purposes: irony creates a comic effect; Aesop language is necessary due to the political conditions, when you don’t have an opportunity to say directly what you want; allegory refers us to the general cultural context; symbol shows the multifaceted relationship between objects and so on. Different kinds of allegories help to form the moral understanding of the rules of social relationships, behavioral patterns and promote the assimilation of spiritual and moral categories. Using of allegorical elements in the work of the writer is analyzed on the material of the novel “The First Circle”. The role of allegorical elements in Solzhenitsyn’s works is defi ned. It is concluded that A.I. Solzhenitsyn uses widely irony, the comparison with animals, allegory, personifi cation, symbols as allegorical components of his works.

Key words: allegorical, irony, allegory, symbol, personification, tangible, abstract concept, comic effect.


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