Artistic time continuum and space in the novels by Panas Mirnyi

К. Р. Хачатурян


The article is devoted to a problem of artistic time continuum and space in Panas Mirnyi’s works. Detailed studying of these questions allows to describe and to interpret properly not only important features of novels` tectonics, a basis of characters of the writer, and so forth, but also to understand the nature of a writing realistic manner in Ukrainian option. It is artistic development of reality that assumes development, a certain modifi cation of all elements of artistic system, in particular chronotope. In the second half of the 19th century this modifi cation of chronotope fi rst of all is connected with change of artistic time in Panas Mirnyi’s works appears and realizes consciously and logically the requirement of unity of three planes – past, present and future – in their interconditionality that infl uences as one of factors on the integrity of the artistic world of the work. The chronotope of Panas Mirnyi`s novels corresponds to the general orientation of literature of this period, to creation of typical pictures of reality, typical characters in typical circumstances. Panas Mirnyi’s work is an  era in the history of the Ukrainian literature. The novelistic heritage of the writer allows us to track the facts, the phenomena and processes of that time. Time together with space allow us “to order” surrounding reality which becomes what it really is.

Key words: chronotope, temporial space, retrospective time, artistic time continuum, artistic space.


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