Synesthesia as a Peculiarity of Yurgis Baltrushaitis’ Poetic World in the Context of Russian Symbolist Poetry

В. В. Щербина


The specific use of synesthetic metaphor in Yurgis Baltrushaitis’ poetic world is taken into consideration in the article. It is shown that the symbolists’ language concept was aimed at restoring its “magic function”. In the art of the XX century the word was to unite reality and dream. Symbolists paid special attention to phonetic organization and expressive means of the language. Synesthetic metaphor, based upon combining several senses, was one of the widely spread expressive means in symbolists’ poetry. It is proved that all the expressive means in Yurgis Baltrushaitis’ poetry were used to reveal the lyrical plot of a verse in the most detailed way. The peculiarities of synesthetic metaphors use are analyzed in early poet’s verses and in his later works. The structure, functions and patterns synesthetic metaphors are built by are taken into consideration in Yurgis Baltrushaitis’ poems and in creative works of other symbolists. It is shown that pattern hearing – sight is the most typical in Yurgis Baltrushaitis’ poetry. In Yurgis Baltrushaitis’ poems devoted to the problem of tragic character of man’s earth being synesthetic metaphor is the composite center. The poet uses metaphor to describe lyrical character’s emotional state. Synesthesia unites words and contributes to their fi gurative fi lling. More complicated patterns of synesthetic metaphors are characteristic of later Yurgis Baltrushaitis’ poems. All the patterns of synesthetic metaphors are used to form the main lyrical mood of his poems.

Key words: synesthesia, synesthetic metaphor, lyrics, symbol, poetic world


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