Д. С. Бураго


The article deals with the myth of the Poet’s House of Voloshyn. The building itself was being erected in the context of vacation home boom, but Voloshyn did not manage to derive material benefi ts from this situation and tried to create the unique myth in which the refl ex of symbolist algorithm of “life as a creative process” can be traced. In revolutionary years Voloshyn, who saved both the white and the red (representative of opposing forces), tried to preserve the dignity of a  person and a poet in the bloody ripple. The old symbolism of “a tower made of an elephant bone” is reconsidered – the walls of his house-shelter protect not only from life triviality but from the raging Evil. Voloshyn knew that the myth is more “solid” and lasting than the reality and lives in ritual, that is why more and more generations of the devoted are involved into the mystery play. They have to feel and advocate the magnetism of the House and the personality of its host. It all looked like an illustration to the poem about “sages and poets” in the world of “approaching Huns” by V. Bryusov in the background of literatureartistic union smashing by the Soviet power. Here people from opposing groups and camps found a common language, and the world was perceived sub specie aeternitatis. Everyday routine fundamental situation is eclipsed by the life of the Poet in the frame of this myth.

Key words: Poet’s House of Voloshyn, myth, ritual, the life of the myth, freedom of creative process.


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