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peoria elementary school

як Pierre Miller Miller (2022-12-10)

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peoria elementary school St. Mary’s School dates its morning beforehand in the history of Kickapoo. In 1862, the same time as the firstSt. Mary’s Church was erected, the unqualified community constructed the first grade academy; a one- room frame structure located on what's now the academy playground. A home for the nuns was also constructed, and latterly, a two- room academy was erected. Records indicate that the academy was namedSt. Anthony’s. Grades one through eight were tutored in both German and English. In the early 1900’s, the name of the academy was changed toSt. Mary’s. In 1864, Sisters Barbara Moes and Alberta Stockof( Sisters ofSt. Francis) took charge of the academy that included scholars from the Flocks ofSt. Mary’s andSt. Patrick’s. Records indicate that the Sisters ofSt. Francis tutored until 1933, except for the times 1879 to 1882. A new academy structure was erected in 1933, the first time thatRev.A.L. Mey was pastor. At that time, the Sisters of Notre Dame began operating the academy. Another addition was constructed in 1952. In 1971, because of a deficit of nuns, the Sisters of Notre Dame moved down. ending of the academy was a serious consideration. Through the sweats of Father Mey, and the will of the congregation, the academy continued to operate with lay preceptors. For the coming 28 times, the academy continued to serve the church and the girding communities, upholding the century old traditions of a country academy atmosphere. In 1999, destruction of the cloister began to make room for the rearmost expansion which included 6 classrooms, a ultramodern kitchen/ cafeteria, a church hall, a spa and services for the academy and Church. This design was completed in 2000. The graduates ofSt. Mary’s attend area high seminaries Peoria Notre Dame, as well as the public seminaries of Brimfield, Dunlap and Elmwood. The continued growth and success ofSt. Mary’s School bears substantiation to the great love our God blesses us with everyday. We hope you'll enjoy the warmth and comfort ofSt. Mary’s School.