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як nasr fananas (2024-03-25)

Is it OK to fast Ramadan while pregnant?Do you have to make up fasts from pregnancy?Can I get pregnant during Ramadan?Do you have to fast Ramadan after giving birth?reward of fasting during pregnancyHow tp Fast Safely During PregnancyBreastfeeding and fasting RuliesDoes fasting affect breastfeeding?Can fasting harm my baby?When should I consider not fasting? clothing rulesramadan clothing rules For female you wear makeup in ramadan (Lashes, purfume, chapstick, lip balm, lipstick, mascara)can you wear makeup in ramadancan you wear lashes during ramadanIs it haram to wear mascara while fasting?Is lipstick halal in Ramadan?can you use lip balm during ramadancan you use chapstick during ramadanCan you wear eyeliner while fasting?can you wear perfume during ramadan you drink water during ramadancan you drink water during ramadanWhat happens if you accidentally drink water while fasting Ramadan?when can you eat and drink during ramadan باختصار food and eating rulesramadan food ruleswhen to stop eating ramadanramadan eating rulesrules for eating during ramadanbest foods to eat before fasting ramadanwhen can you eat and drink during ramadancan you eat at night during ramadanWhat are the rules of eating in Ramadan? coffe, tea, and smoothies during ramadancan you drink coffee during ramadancan you drink tea during ramadancan you drink smoothies during ramadan Rules For relationship, kissing, sex, dating, parties, masturbation, hug,ramadan kissing rulesduring ramadan can you kissramadan sex rulescan you go to parties during ramadanramadan relationship rulescan You date during ramadancan you have sex during ramadancan i touch my wife breast during fastingdoes kissing break your fastcan you masturbate during ramadancan you hug during ramadancan you hold hands during ramadancan you dance during ramadan rules for unmarried couples, girlfriend, boyfriend, and opposite genderramadan rules for unmarried couplescan you get married during ramadancan you talk to your girlfriend during ramadancan you have a girlfriend during ramadancan i hug my girlfriend during ramadancan you talk to the opposite gender in ramadancan you talk to the opposite gender in ramadancan you talk to females during ramadan i do ghusl after fajr in ramadanghusl after sex in ramadancan i do ghusl after fajr in ramadancan you keep fast without ghusl after perioddo i have to make ghusl before fajrpunishment for delaying ghuslcan you delay ghusl after periodcan i do ghusl in the morningcan i fast in the state of janaba You masturbate in Ramadan during day or night?can you jerk off in ramadanCan You masturbate in Ramadan during day or night? rules for kids: age, eating, fasting, drinking, and moreramadan rules for kidsramadan fasting for kidsCan children drink during Ramadan?can babies eat during ramadancan kids eat during ramadanwhat age do kids start ramadanramadan fasting rules age limitdo kids have to do ramadando kids have to fast during ramadando kids fast during ramadanwhat age do kids start fasting for ramadancan a 9 year-old fast in ramadanHow to Fast During Ramadan for Kids books for kidsramadan books for kids facts for kidsramadan facts for kidshow to teach kids about ramadanWhat is Ramadan for Kids? activities, crafts, and games for kidsramadan activities for kidsramadan games for kidsramadan crafts for kidsHow to make Ramadan exciting for kids?ramadan activities for elementary studentsramadan activities for kindergartenramadan activities for toddlersramadan activities for preschoolersramadan activities for adultsramadan activities for students stories for kidsramadan stories for kids