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Reactivity in Organic Chemistry: Methylamine is a good nucleophile and is considered a weak base. It is used as a building block for the synthesis of numerous commercially available compounds. Some reactions involving simple reagents include its reaction with phosgene to form methyl isocyanate, with carbon disulfide and sodium hydroxide to form sodium methyldithiocarbamate buy methylamine, with chloroform and base to form methyl isocyanide, and with ethylene oxide to produce methylethanolamines
  • Environmental Interactions: Methylamine will exist solely as a gas in the atmosphere. It degrades by reaction with hydroxyl radicals and interacts with ozone. It is expected to have moderate mobility through soil and will exist in the cation form in the environment. Volatility from the soil is not expected, and biodegradation is an important fate process in both soil and water

  • Reaction with Aqueous Solution of Ferric Chloride: Methylamine reacts with an aqueous solution of ferric chloride to give a brown precipitate. This reaction involves the production of OH ions by accepting H+ ions from water, and the subsequent reaction of OH ions with Fe3+ ions to form a precipitate of hydrated ferric oxide

  • Incompatibilities and Waste Disposal: Methylamine is a medium-strong base and reacts violently with strong acids, mercury, strong oxidizers, and nitromethane. It is also corrosive to certain metal surfaces. For waste disposal, controlled incineration is recommended, equipped with a scrubber or thermal unit to reduce emissions