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nail polish

як anita dortiz (2023-12-02)

SNS is dedicated to empowering women with both beautiful and healthy nails. In alignment with this commitment, we have innovated SNS GelStar™, a groundbreaking professional nail polish created through our unique proprietary formula. SNS GelStar™ stands out by offering all the advantages of traditional gels but inflicts significantly less damage to the nail bed. This distinct formula of GelStar™ is designed to support and nourish the natural nail bed with healthier ingredients, maintaining our ethos that beauty does not have to be sacrificed for well-being.

When applied, GelStar™ delivers a stunning mirror-like finish that remains impeccable for over 14 days. The colors are deep and vibrant, while the finish is both feather-light and robust. Notably, GelStar™ is user-friendly and simpler to apply than many other UV gels, particularly when used with the exclusive SNS UV/LED light. The process is streamlined as there's no need for alcohol for the top coat, and the removal is swift and hassle-free.

We offer the complete range of GelStar™ products exclusively to professionals, who can take advantage of wholesale prices. To access these benefits, please ensure you are registered on our website as a nail professional. This exclusive access underscores our commitment to supporting the professional nail community with superior products that align with our mission of combining health and beauty in nail care.