Ivan Prokopenko, Yuriy Boychuk, Svitlana Kryvoruchko, Ilona Kostikova


«Desire» and «Lack» became the leitmotif of articles, poems and stories of the
Astrаea journal in 2021. «Desire», in our opinion, is the idea of realizing «something» between the will of the person and his\her choice. «Lack» is when «something» is missing, and it does not allow to move from the will of the individual to his\her choice. The terms «desire» and «lack» were suggested by J. Lacan for a better understanding of the person’s subconscious, which can be explained in words and by the structure of a language. In our opinion, «Desire» and «lack» differ by «transition». In «desire» «transition» is possible between will and choice, in «lack» «transition» is impossible. «Action» as a movement to the»desire» or «lack» realization can be treated as the common category. In a literary work «Lack» and «desire» are idea which can be detected by metaphors and metonymies

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