Veronica Bagachanskaya, Tatiana Safonova, Julia Safonova


Veronica Bagachanskaya is a poetess. Veronica began her creative path of poetry in 1989. For the first time of her thirty-three years she has been publishing own poems. They’re meditative and transformative. These three poems were getting from the collection named: «A bird colored Ultramarine». They are demonstrating the beginning of her Spiritual growth, the beginning of the knowledge and realizing herself as a part of the Whole. The main thread of her poems is to tell you that there is always a way out of any difficulties in this life! You will feel how the Soul of the author reacted and lived through all the trials and hardships of life!

Her main appeal to the reader: «Don’t be afraid to start all over again and search own way! I wish You all the brightest and purest in Your life and destiny!»

Повний текст:

PDF (English)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.34142/astraea.2021.2.2.08


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